Are you at a crossroads professionally or personally?   Do you need help to clarify your next steps?  Do you need a focused conversation with the right person who can rejuvenate you or your team?   To help prepare individuals and companies for the new world of work and life, we need fresh insights into what makes you or your team tick.  With staff routinely working from home, leaders can no longer rely on water-cooler moments to refuel innovation and growth.   I'm Helen Butters, an author, keynote speaker, communications expert, and performance coach with NLP.   If you or your team have specific goals this year, why not reach them faster with me?  We often hear what we need to do  but not the HOW: that’s what I deliver.  Think of me as a personal trainer for your mind and mood,  keeping it fit and healthy: we look after our bodies why not the muscle in our heads?                                                        

 Venture 1:1 personal coaching 
We work together to find meaning, understanding and solutions.  Coaching is a powerful positive discipline using flexible, effective tools which will enable you to turn your belief into reality.  I also offer a mindset refresh programme.  Mindset is critical for both health and productivity, personally and professionally.  With a deliberate mindset, you become more powerful, positive, and confident in the way you think.  I have developed a whole set of tools to keep me on track which I can share with you.

Venture corporate training: 
We provide in house training and coaching to the most important element of your organisation: your people.  Programmes include, goal attainment, communications, leadership, team work, risk and many other personal development and growth subjects.

Keynote speaker:
Adventure and business have many similarities.  Using my row across the Atlantic as a backdrop, I adopt a unique, interesting, and amusing approach that sets me apart from many motivational speakers.  I am extremely relatable as I'm not a professional athlete: I'm a mum with a busy career who has many barriers that could have stopped me from undertaking a big adventure.  I have many examples of how attendees have been inspired to look at life using new perspectives, become more attentive to their own talents which in turn has caused many to leave my talk feeling prepared and motivated. 


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