I'm Helen Butters, a  bestselling author, keynote speaker, communications & engagement expert,  qualified performance coach with NLP, and a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists.   

In 2016 I followed my dream of rowing across both the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with a team of 3 amazing women and am proud to have gained a Guinness World Record and an Honorary Doctorate.   A lot of people ask how I coped with the level of endurance rowing, 2 hours on and 2 hours off 24 hours a day.   What got me through, was a positive mindset and understanding how to keep it that way, in times of immense stress: 
As a coach, I specialise and teach mindset refresh, the very thing that I used to row across an ocean when life was terrifying, unpredictable, and exhausting. This is where the skills I learned can be easily transferred to you in either your personal or professional life. Want to know more?   call or drop me an email: happy to have a virtual or real cuppa to discuss how we can work together.   Scroll down to read what people have said and who I have worked with.


"Found it inspirational and gave me the confidence to take more risks: great talk on leadership types" Sarah Brown Ernst & Young

"Enjoyed listening to Helen bringing the themes to life rather than talking all theory" Hailey Matheson, NHS Health Education England

"Informative and precise and loved your stories"
Garbutt  and Elliott Accountants

"Helen is decisive, infectious, and enthusiastic.  Her confident and pragmatic approach helped me move towards my goals from day one and put to bed certain time-wasting concerns  that had stopped my moving forward" Veronica Lovatt 

Keynote speaker
"Many thanks for your time, you have been the talk of the team ever since.  During your talk, I took a few notes of the key messages as I wanted the team to be inspired to take on new challenges and embrace change
* take the first step then hold on for the ride
*surround yourself with good people
*always see the positive no matter what the challenge
*communication is key
*say yes you will always find a way to make it work for you
*celebrate success
*be passionate about what you do
After hearing you speak I would like to think we will be a better team in the future"

Colin James, Managing Director Distribution Division Penguin Random House UK

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