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In 2016 I followed my dream of rowing across both the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean with a team of 3 amazing women and am proud to have gained a Guinness World Record and an Honorary Doctorate. A lot of people ask how I coped with the level of endurance rowing, 2 hours on and 2 hours off 24 hours a day. What got me through, was a positive mindset and understanding how to keep it that way, in times of immense stress...

As a coach, I specialise and teach mindset refresh, the very thing that I used to row across an ocean when life was terrifying, unpredictable, and exhausting. This is where the skills I learned can be easily transferred to you in either your personal or professional life.


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"I found Helen's keynote speech inspirational. It gave me the confidence to take more risks: A great talk on all things leadership"

Sarah Brown - Ernst & Young


"Many thanks for your time, you have been the talk of the team ever since. The team was inspired to take challenges and embrace change."

Colin James - Penguin Random House


."Helen is decisive, infectious, and enthusiastic. Her confident and pragmatic approach helped me move towards my goals from day one"

Veronica Lovatt - NHS Leeds CCG


"So inspirational and a wonderful match for BrandFuel. I was deeply moved by her experience, and will be thinking deeply as to what my ocean is."

Brand Fuel - London

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